Severe depression. Feelings of hopelessness. Nerve damage. Anxiety attacks. Wanting to die. Struggling with faith. Completely broken. Diagnosis: Severe PTSD. This is what Glenda experienced for 3 years. This was her life, and sadly, she had accepted it. However, she kept crying out to God. Calling on His name every morning for healing even though nothing happened for 3 years. And then early one morning during her normal prayer time of pain filled tears, unanswered questions, and feelings of despair.... The Spirit of God entered the room and that’s when everything changed. Please consider giving Glenda an opportunity to share her powerful testimony with those who are experiencing the brokenness of depression and PTSD. They’re in your church. At your work place. On your staff. Living next door. In your home. God has placed a unique calling on Glenda to share about our journey from missions to mishap, her fall from health to illness, years of seemingly unanswered prayer, and the reality of her long walk through the darkness of long term PTSD, depression, and eventual healing. Her testimony and message of HOPE speaks to broken men and women both inside and outside the church walls. Please click the contact button below to request a time for Glenda to share her story with a group, campus, or church congregation.